Ramsey Chahine is a Lebanese American artist who lives and works in New York City.


His paintings are marked by the relentless pursuit of an ideal with most paintings containing multiple painted-over versions buried below the surface. This layering process creates rich textured surfaces that reflect his interest in human psychology and the layers of the unconscious mind.

A believer that art is a revelatory process, Chahine has a classical view of creativity, seeing it as guided by muses.


His current work with the Self-Portrait is an adventure into the depth and range of personality. Chahine believes painting is a useful tool for the expression of internal forces and experiences, and should create a personal bond with the viewer.


With his self-portraits Chahine illuminates the underbelly of selfie culture and explores the trends of contemporary technological society. He regards the self-portrait as a tool for and symbol of the most fundamental human experience, one that is reflective and self-conscious. In this way he identifies the self-portrait as a system which develops the strengths and perceptions of the artist.

Portrait with Self Portrait.jpg